Financial Services

Bupa International : Consumer proposition development and research (2010-2011) 

Bupa International’s analysts had produced a global customer segmentation but could not translate the insight into commercially viable propositional ideas. Using this as a start point I blended primary research (validating the segmentation and generating fresh insights) with extensive client workshop activities to develop stand-out new propositions/services.  As a client/consultant team  we generated a ‘long list’ of possible new products/services which were then tested in a second phase of research. A shortlist of  core propositions were then approved by the board for launch to meet the needs of a sophisticated, international audience. The project was a success, not only regarding the outcomes but for the level of engagement with a broad cross-section of stakeholders - a genuinely ‘co-creative’ process.

IHI Denmark : Group Brand Portfolio, Proposition Development, Strategic Alignment (2011). Bupa has a Danish private health insurer brand (IHI) since 2006 which had never been integrated. My role was to assess its strategic strengths in relation to the UK-based operation and then recommend a revised combined proposition across key areas of the marketing mix (Brand, Distribution, Service, Product, Price). This required immersion in the Danish operation and global primary research amongst internal stakeholders, intermediaries and end customers. The outputs of the programme included a new brand architecture, detailed prototype propositions across all segments, combining the strengths of both brands and a ground-breaking new model for simplifying product selection for customers and brokers.

LeasePlan : Consumer insight and proposition development for LeasePlan (2012) 

Centred around a detailed research programme, I worked with creative designers and the client to map out the core components of car ownership and lay the groundwork for brand-defining new service propositions. I applied my ‘Customer-to-your-desk’ research service which proved highly successful in reaching deep into the organisation. The programme provided authoritative guidance on which areas to focus on and precision on the tone and design of new web-based interfaces that were under development.

Skandia : Consumer research and proposition development (2010-2012) 

I executed a range of research-driven projects including exploration of relationships with IFAs prior to the retail distribution review (RDR), consumer behaviour and attitudes and brand proposition development 

(1) B2B : I managed, facilitated and completed qualitative research programmes to understand the the impact of RDR across a range of IFAs. I also tested alternative propositions amongst this critical stakeholder group. 

(2) B2C : I managed, facilitated and completed the testing of detailed alternative proposition routes and built up a segmentation by consumer ‘mindset’ with regard to peoples’ attitudes and approaches to investing.

(3) B2C : I was also invited to facilitate viewed groups of consumers for Skandia senior personnel (including the CEO) and selected IFAs. These sessions were then followed by client discussions to explore the needs of consumers which I also facilitated.

Heritable Bank (London): Brand refresh, services consolidation, new website and market launch (2008). I managed a full re-working of Heritable Bank’s brand and corporate identity. This was a 'start-to-finish' assignment which necessitated bringing together all senior directors and staff along the same path together in understanding the rationale for change and ensuring all stakeholders were engaged and consulted.I procured a new web agency and integrated the design agency and the web agency into this collaborative process.  Once the brand had been defined and this agreed, I briefed and managed the delivery of over 90 fully re-worked print items from flagship corporate brochures to detailed products items.  I sourced and briefed a new web-design agency. Everything was delivered in 4 months.

Stroud and Swindon Building Society : Research brand positioning (2007) 

Detailed customer research programme, data analysis and brand positioning evolution

C&G : Point of purchase national review for mortgage outlets (2006) 

National audit and review, including staff interviews to enhance in-brand presence

Brand Strategy Manager, Lloyds TSB Group (March 1999 – March 2006) 

Line management responsibilities and team collaboration; Budget Responsibility circa £4-6m. Developing and launching new brands/sub-brands across the Group: I had direct responsibility for a variety of important new brand initiatives. Key to the success of this role was the ability to nurture strong trust relationships with business directors and teams, strong influencing skills and project management skills. This role honed my creative judgement skills and design management abilities. I have worked closely and built strong working relationships with leading agencies such as Wolff Olins, Landor etc. Major projects included:

  • Re-branding of Lloyds TSB Private Banking/Offshore Private Banking
  • Re-branding of the venture capital business (LDC)
  • Development of new brands for internet banking, B2B payment services, wealth management
  • Sub-brand development for student banking, financial planning services and Premier Banking
  • Advertising Planning and Development. Working closely with Saatchi & Saatchi and later with Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, I was instrumental in guiding and managing the creative direction of the ATL brand communications. I managed and briefed directly the launch creative (TV) for the international Internet Bank (Evolve)
  • Re-branding C&G Mortgages in LTSB Channels: A substantial programme which involved drafting and submitting the full business case, briefing multiple stakeholders and managing the implementation of merchandise. The project was successfully completed within 8 months. Budget: £1.1m
  • Evolution and launch of ‘You First’ positioning: Moving on from the 1999 launch positioning, I was a central contributor to the development of the refreshed parent brand. Key personal achievements included taking direct responsibility for launching and communicating this strategy across the organisation (70,000+ employees). I developed, briefed and planned the delivery of all the materials to support this programme.

Senior Market Research Manager, Lloyds TSB Group (March 1997 – March 1999) 

Line Management Responsibilities and Budget Responsibilities circa £4m I had direct responsibility for managing the research to develop and assess the brand strategy and launch communications for the merged entities, Lloyds Bank and TSB (launched in May 1999). This involved working alongside senior marketing personnel at every stage.