Customer to your desk

Access to customer insight wherever, whenever...

Access to customer insight wherever, whenever...

Insight, in sight. Research with a difference

By combining:

  • high quality facilitation
  • filming & editing techniques 

we bring the customer viewpoint to you via your computer (...or your tablet, or your phone, or your laptop). 

Customer-to-your-desk provides the rich insight and feedback of professionally facilitated qualitative research. 


Strategic advice - direct from your customers

It enables you to experience the feedback and share the findings simply and easily and at no more expense than traditional research. 

The valuable learning, insight and fresh thinking that research can trigger can be lost at the debriefing stage. Customer-to-your-desk gives you quick access to the headlines and gives you and your organisation time to connect with your most important stakeholder - the customer.

The film content is indexed into chapters and the results of each chapter condensed into concise, one-screen summaries. 

So, if pricing is a key issue, then this chapter can be selected and all the relevant feedback and insight reached immediately.


Lights, camera, action - not research, yawn, reaction.

C2YRD films are the start-point for action and decision-making.

A key benefit of this service is that insight can be shared across personnel, teams, departments and faculties. The technology offers you the facility to comment on the insights on-screen so that colleagues can view and build upon your thoughts thereafter. 

Customer-to-your-desk can be the hub of debate and decision-making.